Planning and Zoning Commission 10/24/2019

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 9.46.35 amThe Charlestown Planning and Zoning Commission held a meeting on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:30 PM. Following is a summary with full audio:

  1. Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Determination of a Quorum: Members present were Bill Resch, Zach Payne, Ben Ledbetter, Brian Hester, and John Spencer. Darrell Stidham was absent. Also in attendance was Building Commissioner Tony Jackson.
  3. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes
    • Motion to approve made by John Spencer
    • Seconded by Brian Hester
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous approval
  4. New Business
    • Plan Unit Development Zoning Request – Skippers Ridge
      • Developer Ragains-Mongold, LLC presented plans for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) on the newly annexed land on Highway 62. Tony Jackson explained that PUD is a zoning designation. He explained when the land was brought into the city it was brought in as it was zoned in the county. This commission will make a determination on the PUD and if approved will forward their recommendation to the city council.
      • John Craft, attorney for the developer, addressed the commission. He said this change of zoning request is for a change in zoning, not just approval of a subdivision. He said this commission has three choices, send forward to the city council with a favorable recommendation, sending it forward to the city council with an unfavorable recommendation, or sending it forward to the city council without any recommendation. He said in most cases councils go along with what planning commissions recommend.
      • Kevin Young, with Plan Design Development spoke to the commission. He presented a powerpoint that explained the features of the subdivision. The tract is 139 acres and borders Highway 62.
        • Current zoning is A1. He said the proposal has 41 acres of open space and total lots of 332.
        • The PUD outlines each type of home. He said they want to have diversity in the subdivision with 3-4 different types of housing. The homes fronting the subdivision have ally access that opens into a common frontage area. These are smaller lots targeted at empty-nesters. He said an area fronting Highway 62 will have neighborhood-serving commercial space for something like a daycare. As the lots go back they have smaller, 50ft, 60ft, and 70ft lots targeted at young homebuyers. The back of the development has estate lots.
        • The open space includes pocket parks and playgrounds as well as a central area of green space for storm water control. This will include walking trails. There will also be open space on 62 because the realize people will not want homes fronting that section due to higher rates of speed on the highway.
        • Utilities
          • Two energy providers Duke and REMC.
          • Sewer – the subdivision will use an existing lift station and have a force main up Highway 62. (This is a change from the original plan which will no longer have it going to the manhole on Monroe)
          • Water can be covered by Marysville, Otisco, Nabb or IAW.
          • Fire and police protection will be offered by existing departments.
        • The design standard uses the city’s existing development code.
      • Question and Answer
        • John Spencer asked Tony Jackson to explain if this commission makes a favorable recommendation what will happen after.
          • Tony Jackson said this is the actual public hearing for this development. The council will not have a public hearing when they consider this recommendation. He said they try to push for planned unit developments because they can serve a variety of people and avoid a “cookie cutter” format.
        • John Spencer asked for an explanation of the zoning rules
          • Tony Jackson said the A-1 is agricultural. R-1 in the county is for residential. He said that if the city does an R-1 it would dictate the type and size of house and the PUD allows them to include a variety.
          • John Spencer said there are advantages for both the developer and the city.
        • John Spencer asked the Mongold family if they did market studies on this project and they replied yes.
        • Brian Hester asked about entrance and exit off of Highway 62.
          • Kevin Young said that the entrance location is on the ridge and is at a point where you can see down the hill and up the hill. They will add a blister for slowing down and a turn lane.
      • Public Comment
        • Tobin Williamson asked if these are all single family units or if these will include multi-family units. Kevin Young said all are single family. Mr. Williamson asked the expected time frame for when people will move in. Mr. Young said approval process will take 9-12 months and then home construction will begin.
        • John Craft said that official letters of notice were mailed via certified mail.
        • Herman Zollman addressed the board. He asked if the lots he owns adjacent to the subdivision would affect the zoning of his property. Tony Jackson said it would not.
      • Recommendation of the Commission:
        • Motion to approve a favorable recommendation made by Zack Payne
        • Seconded by John Spencer
        • Unanimous approval
  5. Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn made by John Spencer
    • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
    • Unanimous approval