Board of Public Works 01/15/2020

The Charlestown Board of Public Works met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 9:00 am. You can access a live video recording of this meeting at this link: Board of Public Works 01/15/2020

The agenda for this meeting included the following items:

  • Opening
    • Call to Order
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Roll Call – Determination of a Quorum
    • Approval of Agenda
  • Standing Business
    • Approval or Correction of Prior Meeting’s Minutes from 01/06/2019
    • Current Claims
    • Payroll Allowance Docket
  • Public Comment Period
  • Review of Contracts
    • Southern Indiana Field Services – Contract for building commissioner transition
  • Old Business – None
  • New Business
    • Parks Department Use Policy and Rate Structure
  • Department Reports
    • Communication and Multimedia
    • Streets and Drainage
    • Sanitation and Animal Control
    • Wastewater
    • Parks and Recreation
    • City Services
    • Planning and Zoning
    • Mayor
    • Clerk Treasurer
  • Adjournment

Following are the documents related to this meeting. Please note that all documents were created in DRAFT form for the meeting and are not official until they have been voted on, approved, and signed by the appropriate city agents:

Minutes BPW 01.06.2020

Claims BPW 01.15.2020

PR Voucher BPW 01.15.2020


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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