Board of Public Works 10/21/2019

image1-27The Charlestown Board of Public Works met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, October 21, 2019 at 9:00 am. Following is a summary of the meeting with full audio (14:40):

  1. Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance led by Eric Vaughn
  2. Determination of a Quorum and Roll Call: Members in attendance were Ted Little, Ben Ledbetter, and Mayor Bob Hall. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Treasurer Nancy Rogers and City attorney Michael Gillenwater.
  3. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes, current claims, and payroll allowance docket from 10/07/2019 to 10/10/2019 combined into one motion for approval
    • Motion to approve made by Ben Ledbetter
    • Seconded by Ted Little
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous approval
  4. Public Comment
    • David Reed – His comments concerned the Luckett & Farley design contract approved by this board in June. He said there was no discussion at that meeting about what the contract entailed. He said the contract has a completion date of August 2019 and based on public documents available the contract is not complete as of today. The only thing he has seen is renderings of the proposed sports park. He wanted to know who is administering this contract. He said the contract lists other deliverables but none have been made public by the city. He’s concerned that we will spend or have spent $36,000 for pictures only. He said it appears the contract is in default because deliverables have not been received in the timeline listed in the contract and no contract changes have been publicly approved. Mr. Reed was cut off by the City Attorney who told him his three minute allotment ended.
    • Mayor Hall commented and said the city continues to meet with Luckett & Farley and that this is an open contract and Kristen Cox is in charge of the meetings. He said this is not a simple project. They did deliver renderings which he said have been received well by the community. He mentioned that River Ridge gave the city 120 acres, which helps with this project. He said he has been contacted about it by national and regional organizations. He said there is a lot of design work that still needs to be done.
    • Mr. Reed asked if he could add comment following the Mayor’s statement and Mayor Hall said no.
  5. Saegesser Engineering Claim Approval 
    • Taylor Friesz presented change order/pay order #4 to Wingham Paving which included an increase of $17,504.50 in the contracted amount for additional roads being paved. He said with this change order they remain under the original estimated total project cost. The current pay order is $160,295.09
    • Ted Little expressed satisfaction with the paving project.
    • Motion to approve change order and payment made by Ted Little
    • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous Approval
  6. Eric Vaughn, Economic Development Director, Claim Approval
    • Presented the final draw on the construction of the police station in the amount of $177,761.98
    • Motion to approve payment made by Ben Ledbetter
    • Seconded by Ted Little
    • No additional discussion
    • Unanimous Approval
  7. Mayor Hall made a comment about discussion in public meetings. He said that board members receive their information packets several days before the meetings and have time to review them and ask questions. He said the board makes decisions and they have the information. If they have discussion, particularly in the City Council, they will say so. He said the lack of discussion does not mean that they don’t understand what they’re voting on because they’ve had their packets before the meeting to be able to review them. On public comment he said the policy is that people have three minutes to say what they want to say and that it’s not a question and answer session but they try to respond but not get into it, particularly in a campaign season when this happens more.
  8. Approval of Contracts
    • BMS Contract
      • Heather Mick presented this contract. BMS has a high deductible plan so this contract allows them to cost-share. She said that although Clark Memorial is a participating in-network hospital, the emergency room doctors are not. She said that Humana is billing employees for the difference in treatment. They’ve asked for an addition to the BMS contract to help cover this gap. The employees would go through an appeal process first but failing success there would be reimbursed up to $2,250 of uncovered medical expenses. BMS has agreed to post-date their contract to June 1st.
      • Motion to approve made by Ben Ledbetter
      • Seconded by Ted Little
      • No Discussion
      • Unanimous approval
  9.  Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn made by Ben Ledbetter
    • Seconded by Ted Little
    • Unanimous approval

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

2 thoughts on “Board of Public Works 10/21/2019”

  1. Bob has never liked the public comments. The three minute has been in effect for a long time. The election year has nothing to do with it. Now you can’t sign up for public comment the night of the city council meetings. You have to do it the Thur. before the Monday meeting. This is so Bob can scrutinize your comments. Also, you will never get an answer or a promise of an answer. If the board gets their packets a few days before a meeting and they have questions, who do they call and where do discussions before a Meeting? Bob’s house?????


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