Board of Public Works Meeting 05/20/2019

7ab1a11b-853b-474b-97c1-1815c11e4bdaThe Charlestown Board of Public Works met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 20 at 9:00 am. Following is a summary of the meeting with full audio (13:33) available at the end: 

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance: led by Geneva Adams
  2. Determination of a Quorum and Roll Call: In attendance were Ted Little and Ben Ledbetter. Mayor Bob Hall was absent. Also in attendance was Clerk Treasurer Donna Coomer.
  3. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes, current claims, and payroll allowance docket from 05/05/2019 to 05/18/2019 combined into one motion for approval
    • Motion to Approve made by Ted Little
    • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous Approval
  4. Old Business
    • Organizers of the 5K Pirate Fun Run have asked for approval to change the date to August 17th.
      • Motion to approve the date change made by Ted Little
      • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
      • During discussion Ted Little began to explain the significance of the run but was corrected that this is not a change to the Bertram Memorial 5K but rather the annual Pirate Fun Run.
      • Unanimous approval (occurred later in the meeting after a vote was missed at first and a city employee approached Ben Ledbetter and brought it to the Board’s attention.)
    • City Engineer Presentation of Bids
      • The city received five bids for the Community Crossing street paving process on May 5th.
        • Taylor Friesz from Saegesser Engineering, Inc. said that Wingham Paving, Inc provided the lowest bid in the amount of $1,930,389.81 and requested that the board approve the contract and grant Mayor Bob Hall permission to sign the documents. (A portion of the funding for this project will come from a Community Crossings matching grant in the amount of $941,000.)
        • Motion to approve mad by Ben Ledbetter
        • Seconded by Ted Little
        • During discussion Ben Ledbetter said that he was present during the bid opening and thought the process was handled very professionally.
        • Unanimous Approval
      • New Business
        • Chief Keith McDonald – Swearing in of new Officers – the department has hired a new full time and a new reserve officer.
          • Rick Correa scored exceptionally high on testing. He is 26 years old and from Miami, Florida. He has some experience in fire fighting and EMS. He will come on as a full time officer.
          • Martin Baker also scored high marks will be sworn in as a reserve officer.
        • Motion to approve new officers made by Ted Little
        • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
        • No Discussion
        • Unanimous Approval
      • Adjournment
        • Motion to adjourn made by Ted Little
        • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
        • Unanimous approval

Audio Available here (13:33) :

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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