Neighborhood Watch Meeting 04/18/2019

56219810_10103601289918413_3848912672904970240_oThe Charlestown Neighborhood Watch met for a planned meeting on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 6:30 PM. Following is a summary of the meeting with full audio at the end: 

  1. April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.
    • 1-800-800-5556 – Number to call if you suspect a child is being abused (Statewide anonymous tip line)
  2. Looking for Block Watch Captains in a few areas
    • Captains work as liaisons with the police department
      • Need captains in
      • Council District One
        • Rosewood
        • Creekside
        • Oriole Drive
      • Council District Two
        • April Court
        • Gospel Road
        • Denham Lane
        • Maple Leaf Apartments
        • Pleasant Ridge
      • Council District Three
        • Ashley Springs
        • Highview/Lakeview
      • Council District Four
        • Tunnel Mill
        • Monroe Street
        • Parkside Trace Apartments
  3. Upcoming Events in the Community
    • 5K-9 Memorial run/walk for Sgt. Ben Bertram on Saturday, April 20. The police department hopes to turn this into an annual event. They’ve had over 400 entries and this has helped raise money to send the Bertram family and local officers to Washington, D.C. for a national memorial.
    • New Police Station Update – Will have a community room where they will be able to host Neighborhood Watch meetings. The painters are busy and drywall is nearly complete. The external façade is nearly complete as well. Doors will be delivered next week. Information Technology will follow. Looking at mid-June for the tentative moving-in date.
    • Prescription Drug Take-Back will be April 27 from 10am-2pm at the Jay-C store
    • New Program – Protect Property DNA – Will have kits available to mark valuables with a discrete substance that identifies the property under blue light. People can mark their valuables and register them under a number. Should the property get stolen, when recovered it can be identified easily. Ownership can be transferred if the item is sold. Information kept in a national database. This program will run in coordination with Dale Robinson’s State Farm Insurance company. Hope to launch the program in the first week of May
  4. Statistic Report on Charlestown Police Activity
    • March 1 – April 17 the police department had 1,330 calls for service.
      • 621 of those calls were officer initiated. These calls consisted of:
        • 187 premises checks (vacationing owners, etc.)
        • 522 traffic stops (this number reflects an increase)
          • 137 of those traffic stops resulted in criminal charges (not traffic tickets)
      • 104 of the total calls resulted in criminal cases (non-traffic related including two burglaries (one solved, one in progress on Thompson and Lowell streets)
        • 12 thefts (five shoplifting)
        • 39 Alarm calls
        • 34 vehicle crashes
        • 82 suspicious activity calls (this is up from an average of about 20 per month)
        • 61 disturbances
        • 29 reckless driving complaints
        • 21 warrant service
        • 2 battery calls
  5. Preventing Child abuse
    • Common denominators in child abuse cases
      • When children have a traumatic event occur in their lives they exhibit some notable changes. Among these changes are:
        • Declining academic performance
        • Less sociable – less talkative
        • Change in personality (if extroverted they may become more introverted, if introverted they may become extroverted)
        • Often become more secretive
        • Older children are often better at masking changes
        • Sudden and unexplained reluctance to be around a specific person (family member, friend, teacher, etc)
    • Symptoms of child abuse often mirror those of domestic violence
      • Tips on how to learn more if you notice something different
        • Mention the physical or personality change to the parent or guardian (“I notice that ___ has lost interest in ____…”)
        • If you suspect child abuse is occurring, call the tip line 1-800-800-5556. They will ask questions, but do not feel pressured if you do not have all the information they seek. Give them as much detail as you know.
        • Keep in mind that often abuse involves a relative
    • Benefits of being proactive about noticing child abuse
      • Studies show that the cycle of abuse can be stopped. Prevention programs and educational programs as well as resource management can assist with this.
      • 1 in 5 children receives a form of sexual solicitation via the internet
      • PCAIN – Preventing Child Abuse Indiana is distributing pinwheels for yard display as representation of a happy, healthy childhood. You can show support in the month of April by displaying one in your yard.
  6. Question and Answer session followed presentation



Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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