Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 04/15/2019

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 9.46.35 amThe Charlestown Planning and Zoning Commission held a meeting and public hearing on Monday, April 15 at 7:00 pm. Following is a summary with full audio (28:42) of the meeting: 

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance (Recording started after pledge)
  2. Determination of a Quorum and Roll Call – Members present were Bill Resch, Darrell Stidham, Zach Payne, Ben Ledbetter, Brian Hester, and John Spencer. Also in attendance was Building Commissioner Tony Jackson
  3. Approval of prior meeting’s Minutes
    • Motion to approve made by John Spencer
    • Second was made but speaker was unclear
    • Unanimous Approval
  4. New Business
    • ARC – Renaissance Project – Jason Sams representing ARC
      • Mr. Sams presented the project proposal for the Renaissance Project. He asked the commission for approval of the project development plan. His presentation showed a visual representation of the project site.
      • Lot One of the development is a three story structure that will house 40 apartments spread across each level. It will include a coffee shop on the Market and Main corner. The building is U-shaped with breezeways and includes a courtyard for use by apartment residents.
      • Lot Two consists of three commercial buildings
      • The site lighting plan will have acorn-style historic replica lights.
      • The external façade will have a brick-like material designed to look historic, and hardy siding, a zero-maintenance product.
      • Green Alley will separate Lot One and Lot Two. Building materials will match across both lots.
      • Mr. Sams requested approval of the development plan and offered to answer questions. Variances will be needed for the project.
        • Darrell Stidham asked how large the green space for the apartments will be. Mr. Sams said about 30-40 feet wide and will include landscaping and brick pavers.
        • Zach Payne asked how many parking spaces. Mr. Sams said there will be 68 for Lot 1 and 37 for Lot 2
          • Mr. Payne asked what type of businesses will be in Lot 2. Mr. Sams said there has been some interest by small sandwich shops, different restaurant type users.
          • Mr. Payne asked about the process. Mr. Sams said that he’s under a purchase agreement with the City, but before he completes that agreement he wants to secure final building plans. John Spencer clarified that once they get through this process ARC will pursue agreements with tenants. Mr. Sams said that this is a two phase development and Lot One will be first. He hopes that bringing the 40 people into the apartments will spur the next phase.
        • John Spencer asked about the variances that ARC will request following this meeting. Mr. Sams said they include parking, setback, green space and some other things. He said he’s asking for relief to develop the property to fit the “downtown” mode.
        • Brian Hester asked about the time frame between Lots one and two. Mr. Sams said he could possibly begin work on Lot two within 60-90 days. The site has some environmental remediation issues.
        • Mr. Stidham asked if they anticipated any environmental delays and Mr. Sams said no.
        • Mr. Spencer said that he has looked through the variance requests that the BZA will look at in their meeting following this one and he said he thinks the project fits the plan. He said he sees no reason not to approve it.
        • Motion to Approve made by Darrell Stidham
        • Second was made but speaker was unclear.
        • Public Comment
          • Jarred Dunn – owner of the barber shop. He said he is concerned about the parking lot in phase one because it borders his shop. Mr. Sams said that there will still be a full drive lane on Main. Mr. Dunn asked about a drain that has been broken for a while and he’s asking if that drain will be repaired in this project. John Spencer said that’s a Board of Public Works question. Ben Ledbetter said he’s not familiar with the issue but said he will go look at it.
        • Call for vote – unanimous approval
    • Sunoco – RobinMart
      • Narayan Guatam from Sunoco appeared before the commission. He said he serves 250-300 customers per day and wants to enlarge the store. Mr. Guatam wants to demolish the present building and install two new pumps. He wants to construct a 2,000 sq ft building on the side of the property facing High Street, rather than Market.
      • John Spencer asked how many gas pumps this new project will offer. It will allow for two more pumps for a total of four. Mr. Guatam will need to build the new store, move, then demolish the other.
      • Darrell Stidham asked how long the project will take. Mr. Guatam said that he hopes to start in July. Mr. Guatam said that he plans to offer a café style food mart with outdoor patio seating facing Market Street as well.
      • Tony Jackson noted that this is an existing property and presents no change in use.
      • Mr. Spencer asked what kind of variances he’s seeking. Tony Jackson said that the lot size prevents him from following existing code so he needs the variance.
      • Ben Ledbetter asked about the building material. Mr. Gautam said that he must have the building match the Sunoco brand so it will be concrete block and painted.
      • John Spencer said he looked through it and sees no reason that the BZA will not approve it.
      • Motion to approve plan contingent on BZA approval made by John Spencer
      • Seconded by Ben Ledbetter
      • Unanimous approval
  5.  Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn made by John Spencer
    • Seconded by Darrell Stidham
    • Unanimous approval















Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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