Redevelopment Commission 04/11/2019

City-NEws-e1455073509249The Charlestown Redevelopment Commission met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 11 at 9:00am. Following is a summary of the meeting with audio at the end. 

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance led by Shane Spicer
  2. Determination of a Quorum and Roll Call – Members present were Ted Little, Eric Vaughn, George Roberts, and Mayor Bob Hall. Pat Glotzbach was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Treasurer Donna Coomer and City Attorney Michael Gillenwater
  3. Prior meeting’s minutes, Current Claims, and Payroll Allowance Docket 03/25/2019 to 04/07/2019 combined into one motion for approval
    • Motion to approve made by George Roberts
    • Seconded by Eric Vaughn
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous Approval
  4. Approval of Contracts
    • Paul Wheatley presented two contracts related to the Renaissance Project required for issuing the debt to allow the construction to move forward.
      • Frost Brown Todd – Engagement Letter – Bond Council 
      • Reedy Financial Group P.C. – Engagement Letter – financial advisory services
    • Mr. Gillenwater said he believes these companies are reputable and supports approval of the contracts.
    • Motion to approve contracts made by Ted Little
    • Seconded by George Roberts
    • No Discussion
    • Unanimous Approval
  5. Old Business
    • Renaissance
      • Jason Sams from ARC presented an amendment to the redevelopment agreement to extend the initial timeline for planning from April 15 to April 30 with an anticipated closing date of May 24. ARC will appear on Monday the 15th for zoning variances. He requested that the Commission allow Mayor Hall to execute this amendment to the agreement. 
      • Mr. Gillenwater said that the developer wants to ensure that he will have the zoning variances required to complete the project. He said he has reviewed the amendment and sees no issues. 
      • Mayor Hall confirmed that ARC is asking to amend the initial due date from April 15 to April 30 and ARC agreed. 
      • Mayor Hall asked for a quick project update. ARC has been working with utility companies to move poles and lines to facilitate construction of the project. They are committed to beginning the project in the summer and completing within 11-12 months.
      • No motion was taken on this request during this meeting. *At the end of the meeting and prior to adjournment I asked to be recognized to clarify whether a motion was needed on this item and I was told that I could ask that question after the meeting. Following the meeting, after the recorder was turned off Mayor Hall told me it was not appropriate for me to ask questions in the meeting. I asked my question again and was told that the commission passed a motion on this issue at the previous meeting (03/28/2019). At that meeting, however, the motion that was passed extended the agreement from April 1 to April 15 and Mayor Hall mentioned at that time that if a further extension was needed they could address it at today’s meeting (prior meeting summary here: 03/28/2019 Redevelopment Meeting)
  6. New Business
    • Susan Riley appeared before the commission to seek an exception for a Springville Manor home. She explained that she has a client who purchased her Pleasant Ridge property October 21, 2015. The Springville Manor property agreement dictates that residents from Pleasant Ridge must have a “long term” residency in PR. This resident qualifies in all other ways.
      • Motion to approve this exception made by Eric Vaughn
      • Seconded by George Roberts
      • No Discussion
      • Unanimous Approval
    • Update on the properties – Ms. Riley said that four of six properties have contracts with two having contingency contracts. Two additional properties have recently been listed. A property just sold, lot 23, for $104,950 another lot is selling for $105,000.
    • Mayor Hall said the value is a good thing and discussed the instant equity ($70,000) the owners have. He reviewed the mortgage amounts for Springville Manor homes. He said that he has been campaigning in the area and people like the houses better than the old trailer court that was there.
    • Susan Riley said that some of the people purchasing the houses in Springville have come from other cities. She said she has a new mailer targeting Pleasant Ridge homeowners that will go out soon. 
    • Mayor Hall said that people have told him they are moving to Charlestown for the family friendly atmosphere, schools, and Christmas lights. He said 20% of new residents are from Oldham County (in Kentucky) and that 90-95% of people moving in are families with children. 
  7. Mayor Hall mentioned that the police station is on schedule
  8. Mayor Hall said that they are moving forward on the LM Bag Company building. When the company took possession of the property there was a strip of land that they did not obtain a deed for. The owner has agreed to release the deed.
  9. Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn made by Eric Vaughn
    • Seconded by George Roberts
    • Unanimous approval



Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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