Redevelopment Commission Meeting 08/09/2018

The Charlestown Redevelopment Commission met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, August 9 at 9:00 AM. Following is a summary of the meeting with full audio (11:04) available at the end:

  1. Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Determination of a Quorum and Roll Call: in attendance were Ted Little, Eric Vaughn, George Roberts, and Bob Hall. John Spencer was not present. Also present were the City Attorney and Deputy Clerk Treasurer.
  3. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes, claims, and payroll docket from 07/22/2018 to 08/05/2028 were combined for consideration.
    • motion to approve made by Eric Vaughn
    • seconded by George Roberts
    • no discussion
    • unanimous approval
  4. Item of Business – Renaissance II Project
    • Mayor Hall noted that at the last meeting the board approved beginning the process to purchase the property owned by L&M Bag company off of Madison and Harrison streets. In addition to these properties, Mayor Hall notes that Clark Nickles would like to sell his property in the same area which includes land across from Charlestown Landing including the train restaurant and land around his office on highway 62. MackDaddy’s is also interested in selling. Combined, there would be approximately 10 acres of property available with these purchases. The Mayor has letters of intent to sell from all property owners who approached the City to purchase their properties. The City needs to get two appraisals and offers will be made based on the median amount of the two appraisals. If the property owner decides not to go through with the sale then the property owner pays for the appraisals. Clark Nickles wishes to close on the property at the beginning of the year. L&M Bag Company wishes to close on the property as quickly as possible. The Mayor is asking for the Redevelopment Commission to approve the ordering of these appraisals so the purchase of these properties can proceed.
      • Motion to approve made by Ted Little
      • Seconded by George Roberts
      • No discussion
      • unanimous approval
  5. Update on Renaissance I Project (Main and Market Street)
    • Phase I will be from Main Street to the alleyway and will include luxury apartments and a regional coffee shop. Renderings of the buildings will be available, including financial information, at the meeting in two weeks.
    • They will need to go through the removal of the TIF from that area and then reapply the TIF like they did with the hospital and need to do that process quickly since the developer wants to break ground this year.
    • Other properties in the new Renaissance II area will need to be combined and then be placed into a TIF district.
  6. Update on Police Station
    • The foundation has begun
    • On the topic of keeping or demolishing the building – Mayor Hall wishes to keep the building as a historical building. He noted that it is an aged building, though and that it might need to be demolished.
  7. Adjournment
    • motion to adjourn made by Eric Vaughn
    • seconded by George Roberts
    • unanimous approval

Full audio (11:04) available here: 


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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