UPDATE: Propaganda Campaign on Hold?

images-2A few months ago I shared information about the City of Charlestown contracting with ProMedia Group to manage the “negative press and wide-spread public descent [sic] for City Government decisions and management.” In my original post (Here), I explained that the contract stipulated that the City would pay ProMedia Group $5,000 per month to “take control of the City’s messaging” and monitor the City’s social media pages in order to ensure “that the City is represented in the best possible way.” 

Today I learned that the City is no longer under contract with ProMedia for undisclosed reasons. A review of financial documents shows that the City paid three monthly fees of $5,000 each for February, March, and April, at which point the contract was discontinued with no explanation or notification to the Board of Public Works (at least not one made in any of the public meetings).

This is the second time in only a couple of weeks that I’ve learned of broken contracts. (See the Klipsch-Card contract issue (HERE).

imagesA lack of transparency is not healthy for a government. When issues and decisions (however large or small) are cloaked in secrecy, they often generate feelings of impropriety, even where none exists. I guess we can all be happy that the “kickstart” to this “Positive Messaging Campaign” didn’t cost us the additional $23,000 as originally proposed, and that we only spent $15,000 instead of the full $83,000, but I’m left wondering what prompted the sudden end of yet another contract and why it wasn’t a topic of discussion for the Board that originally approved it.


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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