Is the Sports Complex to Be or NOT to Be?

During the City Council meeting on August 22, 2017, the council passed a motion to approve a consulting agreement with Klipsch-Card Athletic Facilities, LLC. With this agreement (available in its entirety below) the City hired Klipsch-Card to “create a detailed facility recommendation and business plan” for a Sports Complex intended to be used by the residents of Charlestown and “to drive economic growth by attracting out of town visitors” (Agreement p 1).

The project was expected to take 120 days. For their consulting work, the City agreed to pay Klipsch-Card $60,000 in four installments: $15,000 due within 16 days of the “effective date,” then another $15,000 at 33% completion, 66% completion, and 100% completion.

Today marks the 280th day since Klipsch-Card received their first $15,000 payment…

…yet the citizens of Charlestown have not received an update on the status of the Sports Complex, and the Council has not addressed the results of the study in any meetings.

In fact, my request for public records at City Hall revealed that only ONE $15,000 payment was ever sent to Klipsch-Card.


This begs the following questions:

  1. Have the Consulting Agreement and initial Plan of Work been terminated? If so, by which party and for what reasons?
  2. If the study is still in progress, why has it been so badly delayed?

Something smells a little fishy about this deal, especially since Klipsch-Card refused to honor an agreement to give me a tour of their facility after I scheduled it in advance and drove up to Westfield – for that story read here: Delay of Game – Road Trip to Westfield

Whether we’re excited about the idea of a Sports Complex or not, the lack of follow-through on this agreement creates a public trust concern.

Here’s hoping we all get some answers soon! 

Click Here for the: City Council Meeting Minutes 08/22/2017


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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