2018 Elections – Candidate Susan Popp

This morning I ate breakfast at Charlestown Fire Department’s Crusade fundraiser and ran into several candidates up for election this year. The first was Susan Popp, who is running for Clark County Clerk. I asked Susan to share a little of her platform and she happily obliged.

image4As the current Clerk, Susan celebrates the revision of the webpage to make a more user-friendly interface. The http://www.ClarkCountyVoters.com page is much more clear than the previous version. Residents can find a wealth of relevant information including precinct maps and a list of current candidates on the page. If reelected Susan hopes to create opportunities for early voting to meet the needs of people who might have work or life commitments that make it difficult for them to get out to the standard voting times. She is working to reach an agreement with the REMC and Clark County 4-H to offer early voting at these sights from 11am-7pm. One other thing that Susan is excited to offer is a poll-pad check-in system that will help ensure accuracy and enhance voter experiences at the polls.

Susan wants everyone to know that they can download the Indiana Voters app for their phones. This app lets us all register to vote, find our polling places, confirm our registration, see who is on our ballots, and track absentee or provisional ballots. Check it out at IndianaVoters.com

*None of the candidate profiles in this blog are official endorsements of the candidates and are written for informational purposes only. All candidates being considered for 2018 elections are welcome to contact me to have their platform profiled. Email treva.hodges@gmail.com

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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