2018 Elections – Candidate Nancy Stemler Shepherd

This morning I interrupted Nancy Stemler Shepherd’s enjoyment of the pancake breakfast hosted by the Charlestown Fire Department to benefit the Crusade for Children to ask her if she’d share a little about what she hopes to bring to the office of Clark County Auditor if elected.

image3Nancy said that if voters want Experience, Honesty, and Dedication, then she’s the candidate for them. She hopes to put her 32 years of experience to good use in the auditor’s office. One of Nancy’s primary goals is to redesign the auditor’s website into something that is much more user friendly. This redesign would include the ability for users to apply for exemptions online. Additionally, Nancy wants to have an open office. She said that she wants people to be informed about the audit process and to provide information to help residents understand how things are accomplished. You can visit Nancy’s Facebook page here: Nancy Stemler Shepherd

*None of the candidate profiles in this blog are official endorsements of the candidates and are written for informational purposes only. All candidates being considered for 2018 elections are welcome to contact me to have their platform profiled. Email treva.hodges@gmail.com

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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