2018 Elections – Candidate Butch Love

If you came to the Crusade benefit pancake breakfast hosted by the Charlestown Fire Department this morning wearing a candidate’s shirt then you can bet I interrupted you mid-bite to ask if you’d like to have your platform featured on the blog. Butch Love, candidate for Clark County Assessor was no exception. I asked Butch to share his ideas for the Assessor’s office and he was happy to help.

image2Butch wants to bring Transparency to the office of Assessor. He said it is important for property owners to know how their properties are being assessed. What happens when rates go up? Why do rates sometimes go down? How can an owner have an errant assessment corrected? These are all questions that Butch wants to answer. One way that Butch will bring transparency to the office is by hosting quarterly public meetings throughout the county. At these meetings Butch will answer questions and give owners opportunities to voice their opinions about the assessment process. Additionally, Butch hopes to bring about changes in the office itself by examining sales disclosures. He hopes that revising this process will help residents and owners understand the Assessor’s office even better. To learn more about Butch’s platform and his goals for the office of Assessor visit his Butch Love for Clark County Assessor Facebook Page.

*None of the candidate profiles in this blog are official endorsements of the candidates and are written for informational purposes only. All candidates being considered for 2018 elections are welcome to contact me to have their platform profiled. Email treva.hodges@gmail.com

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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