2018 Elections – Candidate Dan Moore

With the 2018 primary election right around the corner I take every opportunity I can to speak to the candidates. As an Independent I learn what I can about everyone running for office and make my decisions based on the individuals. My yard is usually decorated with a variety of Republican, Democrat, and Independent signs based on who I support in any given year.

Tonight, at the Friday Lenten Fish Fry hosted by St. Michaels Catholic Church in Charlestown, I ran into candidate Dan Moore who is running for Judge in Clark Circuit 4. I asked Dan for a snippet of his campaign platform and for a photo so I could share with anyone who is interested. Here’s what he had to say:

image1Dan Moore’s campaign is based on the idea of Changing Directions. He hopes to change the direction of the statistics for young addicts and overdoses in Clark County. Currently our rates surpass those of Jefferson County, Kentucky, and Dan finds this unacceptable. One key idea he hopes to enact is an internship program for youth that partners them with ready business leaders to learn skills in a variety of labor industries. Dan recognizes that not all high school graduates want to move on to college and he wants to work with Clark County schools to help youth find effective use for their free time. He also hopes to reach out to young parents who might be struggling. Here’s a link to Dan Moore’s Facebook Page and the link to his candidate website Moore For 4 for more information.

I appreciate Dan taking the time to talk to me. Any other candidate from any party who wants to reach out and have their platform featured in a blog entry is welcome to contact me. I’m happy to share what you have to say. I do not plan to endorse a specific candidate here, but I think it’s great to give opportunities to spread your message. I like voters to have as much information as possible! Feel free to email me if you’d like to chat about your own campaign platform – treva.hodges@gmail.com

*None of the candidate profiles in this blog are official endorsements of the candidates and are written for informational purposes only. All candidates being considered for 2018 elections are welcome to contact me to have their platform profiled. Email treva.hodges@gmail.com


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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