UPDATE: Council Member Appointment

*EDIT* – see response notes below

On Monday, February 5, I reached out to the Clark County Voter Registration Office and spoke to Susan Popp who confirmed the following:

A “Certificate of Selection” for the resignation of Council Member At-Large Eric Vaughn and subsequent appointment of J.T. Cox to the vacant position was filed in her office on Friday, February 2, according to Indiana Code IC 3-13-11. The appointment was the result of a caucus held that same day.


*Worth noting – Since hearing rumor of this change on Friday night I reached out to all of the following people to get confirmation:

  • Mayor Bob Hall – no response
  • Council Member (former) Eric Vaughn – no response
  • Council Member Mike Vaughn – no response
  • Council Member Ted Little – no response
  • Council Member Brian Hester – returned call, had not been notified of change
  • Council Member Tina Barnes – returned message, had not been notified of  change
  • Clark County Republican Chairperson Jamey Noel – no response Jamey Noel responded to my email after this post was made public and confirmed that J.T. Cox was selected by caucus and that he had received Eric Vaughn’s resignation. 
  • Charlestown Clerk Treasurer Donna Coomer – returned message and confirmed change
  • Voter Registration Office (Susan Popp) – returned call and confirmed all details of appointment and filing of paperwork.

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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