Breaking: Charlestown Council Member Resigns

Yesterday evening as people in town began to prepare for Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Charlestown City Council, rumors began flying that some council members had either resigned or been removed from their positions. In an effort to clarify and get official word, I reached out by phone and messenger to Mayor Bob Hall, Eric Vaughn (council member at-large), Mike Vaughn (council member from District One), Ted Little (council member from District Three) and Tina Barnes (council member from District Two). Ms. Barnes responded, but had no knowledge of any change.

This morning, having not heard from the other messages I sent, I reached out to our town’s Clerk Treasurer, Donna Coomer, who confirmed that

Council Member Eric Vaughn has resigned from the Common Council and will accept a role as full time project manager for the City. 

Eric Vaughn has been replaced by J.T. Cox. 

All other council members remain in their positions.

Resignations happen and there are procedures in place to fill vacant council positions. Mr. Vaughn’s resignation in itself is not inherently problematic. What is troublesome is the lack of notice about the change provided by the City.

When I heard the initial word I immediately checked the City’s webpage and social media pages. No notice was posted of any change. No message went out. No news release was available.

Citizens have a right to know when there has been a change in the elected officials they have chosen to represent them. Here’s hoping the City will work on providing more transparency in the future.


Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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