River Ridge Update 09/21/2017

Today the River Ridge Development Authority gave an update at the Arts and Entertainment center at 12:40 PM. The following are notes from the meeting:

  • Demolition Plans for old Ammunition Plant
    • Phase One boarders highway 62 in Charlestown. People can see the absence of buildings as this area is completed. Total cost to complete $1.5 million.
    • Phase Two is the next strip behind phase one and will begin soon. Estimated cost to complete is $1.5 million
    • Although the Army removed a majority of hazardous materials, many of the building materials contain asbestos. The process of removal is slow to ensure safety.
    • One of the first things they have to do is cut down overgrown vegetation before they can begin building demolition.
  • New Construction (See Pic 2 and 3 for construction work and roads)
    • A thoroughfare through the center of the industrial area has been completed. The goal is to reduce traffic on Highway 62 by providing multiple entry points.
    • International Drive connects to I265
    • Duke Energy has installed a new substation
    • A proposed traffic signal would be installed in Charlestown at Gate 19 on Highway 62 to help with traffic flow. (See image of Charlestown Closeup)
    • River Ridge Parkway connects to Highway 62. Offers four lanes of travel with a median. Has been completed.
    • Paul Garrett Avenue connects to Highway 62 and joins Utica Parkway. Should be completed in 2-3 weeks.
    • Salem Road connects to Salem-Nobel Road and will connect Highway 62 to International Drive. Not yet complete.
    • Utility extensions have been completed.
RRDA Charlestown Closeup
Charlestown Closeup with proposed new traffic signal
RRDA pic 2
Image 2 closeup of construction
Image 3 Close up of construction
  • RRDA Gateway
    Gateway Center

    Gateway Center

    • Objective is to “create a sense of place” where people will want to hang out before and after work and on weekends.
    • 80 acre core with eventual 300 acre completion of offices and retail mixed use located one mile from the new East End bridge.
    • Includes a five acre lake that functions as a storm water collection space. Will have a waterfall, island, and fountain.
    • Developing an amphitheater and event space. Rocks used around the site came from the lake dig.
    • Includes 6.7 miles of mixed-use trails.
    • Construction of the roads includes a bridge to divert industrial truck traffic away from car traffic visiting the site.
  • Newer Developments in the works or completed
    • America Place – office space being constructed just north of Amazon facing Highway 62.
    • American Fuji Seal – currently expanding
    • Autoneum – 140,000 sq. ft. expansion underway
    • Cross dock Development – new building with 668,000 sq. ft.
    • DA, Inc. – 57,000 sq. ft.
    • OPUS – group from Minnesota. Building is over 400,000 sq. ft. Looking for tenant
    • Van Trust – 598,000 sq. ft. – seeing some interest in the building
    • EXETER – have acquired several buildings. Construction on 84 acres just beginning
  • Q&A Session
    • How many jobs are currently offered in the River Ridge Park? 7,200 with Amazon planning an expansion for the holidays on October 1st. 
    • How many companies are currently in River Ridge?42
    • What is the expected economic impact?$1.47 million 
    • What is the average wage of the workers employed by the companies in River Ridge?Unknown 
    • Will you open a retail mixed-use facility in Charlestown?answer unclear with a possible yes.
    • When will you open a retail mixed-use facility in Charlestown?must complete demolition first 
    • Will you connect the trails at the Gateway to the trails on the new East End bridge? would like to, but there is a private developer in between. 
    • Are you hoping to get the new Amazon #2 site here? – uncertain
    • Will we be able to fill the jobs?most likely, people will come from other national and international locations 
    • Will the rail lines remain?yes 

Author: Treva Hodges

Resident of Charlestown, Indiana. Advocate.

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